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The world's best innovations stem from the greatest creators.


Hello everyone, 

Welcome to my official website for Ryken The Brand (RTB), I am so delighted you are visiting.


My parent brand RTB, founded September 22nd, 2020, inspired me explore ways I could combine both my talent and my intellects in business. Being a full-time online student due to the pandemic, became tiring for me pretty fast. I needed to feel a spark within myself whether that was motivation or inspiration. Finding my own business to revolve around creativity and art would do just that, allowing me to showcase my talents.

My brand now manages two sub-parent brands, RyKiss'd and RyKrafts. RyKiss'd is my makeup artistry brand that was founded in June of 2021, based in Chicago, IL. I currently service the Chicago Metropolitan area and also offer traveling services for my loyal clients. Check out my booking page under "BOOK RYKISS'D" to explore my quotes and looks I offer!

RyKrafts has functioned hand in hand with my makeup artistry brand. RyKrafts is my creative directory brand where I implement marketing through visual art to promote my brand image and awareness. Check out my creative portfolio under "RYKRAFTS" to explore photoshoots I have directed and produced. 

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